Access products for paving infill where aesthetic finish is important and anti slip and trip measures are maximised. Minimum design considerations include BS EN 124 loading classification, DDA compliancy and deflection under live load to protect edges and infill from damage.

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SUPRABLOC recessed access covers and frames for paving infill can be manufactured to any size with single, twin, triple, multiple or continuous cover configurations. They are fully fabricated from from 6 mm steel to deter the edged from buckling and are available to suit pedestrian or heavy vehicular loadings with a wide range of sealing options, locking options and other accessories.

Jones of Oswestry TELEBLOC slide out units are designed for frequent operation. Each unit is broken down into manageable cover sections with a slide out horizontal action instead of vertical to minimise the need for multiple operatives and mechanical lifting methods on site.

Jones of Oswestry SOLOBLOC hinged and recessed access coversĀ  incorporate torsion spring lift for one person operation

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